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A Tradition of Quality

Diana Candy is founded on a steadfast tradition of quality and value. We bring the treasured flavours of the Caribbean to the world through our unique types of candy. Other candy companies simply cannot deliver the level of quality and authenticity as Diana Candy. Give us a taste and experience the vibrant tastes and textures unmatched by any other vendor of sweets.

Our Past

Diana confectionery, makers par excellence, was founded over 80 years ago with a single purpose: “to capture the exotic flavours of the Caribbean and present them to the world as a true Caribbean treasure”. We have taken the old-time Caribbean recipes, staying faithfully close to the flavours and textures traditionally produced in West Indian kitchens, capturing more and more of the exotic flavours unique to our part of the world, creating confectionery that has never been tasted before.

Our Present

Today Diana manufactures not just confectionary but undoubtedly true Caribbean treasures. We offer a wide range of flavours – sorrel, passion fruit, pineapple, guava, coconut, carambola, coffee, cocoa, rum, sour sop and Caribbean cherries – in a wide range of products. We make hard candy, kiss mints, chews, lollipops, jub jub, toffee, lozenges and marshmallow.

Packaging is modern, sophisticated and comes in a variety of sizes, everything from 15 grammes to a 2.5 kilogramme pack. Thus Diana is willing and capable of handling special orders of flavour and a range of package sizes.

Our Future

In true Caribbean style we throw open our doors and invite you to become a part of our future. Come and experience the warmth that only the Caribbean can offer and taste the flavours that only the Caribbean can produce … the sweetness of the Caribbean is only a taste away. Get in touch with us now.

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