Diana Candy Sugarless Sweets

Can a diabetic eat candy? More importantly, can a diabetic eat candy that rivals, if not exceeds the flavor of regular candy? Yes! Diana Candy carries a rainbow of delectable sugarfree candy goodies that are sure to satisfy the sweet tooth of those on a restricted diet and fool anyone who doesn't know they are eating sugarfree candies.

Our sugar free candy is just as unique and delicious as our one-of-a-kind Caribbean-flavored candy that defines our candy shop as one of the most highly acclaimed candy providers in the world. Our signature flavors, including sorrel, passion fruit, guava, coconut, carambola, pineapple, coffee, cocoa, rum, sour sop and Caribbean cherries can be reproduced quite convincingly as sugar free candies, allowing you to indulge in all the sweet taste without the guilt.


How Do We Make it Sugar Free?


Sugarless and low-sugar confectionary technology has advanced in leaps and bounds since our candy shop began over 65 years ago. Since then, we've finely tuned our old-time West Indian recipes to recreate our most intriguing Caribbean treasures into tasty sugar free candies.

Our flexible and innovative candy manufacturers can easily accommodate special orders for sugar free candy. Goodies such as sugarless mints, sugarless gum, sugar free cough drops, sugar free hard candy and sugar free lollipops can be crafted to order in any of our available Caribbean flavors.

Diabetic candies allow those on restricted diets to enjoy the occasional sweet treat without jeopardizing their health. Sugarless sweets are ideal for handing out on Halloween or offering to guests. Our sugarfree candy is visually pleasing and delicious and won't promote tooth decay or introduce excess sugar into your diet.


Types of Sugar free Candy


We carry a variety of sugar free candy. Goodies range from the deceptively sweet to the simply delicious:

  • Sugar free cough drops are flavored naturally with real honey and real lime. Authentically flavored and surprisingly effective, our sugar free cough drops provide the tastiest way to convalesce from a cold or cough.
  • Sugar free mints from Diana Candy are simply the strongest breath fresheners in the world. Our best-selling POWERMINT's sugar free cousins are so powerful they are often prescribed by doctors as a cold remedy.
  • Ginseng-infused sugarless sweets provide a boost of natural energy in a tasty guilt-free treat.
  • Nut Krak'r is a naturally sugar free snack that is high in protein and provides 13 essential vitamins and minerals.


Quality Sugar free Candy


Diana Candy pars excellence in all we do. From creating inspired Caribbean sweets to crafting scrumptious sugar free candies, our tradition is to produce top quality candies no matter the shape, size or flavor. Try our sugar free candy and see if you can tell the difference.

Powermint Sugar Free

Dinnermint Sugar Free


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