Diana Candy's Distinctive Mints

Along with our treasure chest of colorful Caribbean sweets and treats, Diana Candy carries a variety of after dinner mints, choco mints and party mints. Our specialty after dinner mints provide the perfect ending to one of your own signature meals. Your customers and guests will be pleasantly surprised by the strength and flavor of our unique dinner mints, leaving them with fresh breath and a great taste on the tips of their tongues.

Types of Mints

Our distinctive mints are as delectable as our fine Caribbean candies. Our specialty mints include:

  • Dinner mints - the classic hard candy mint with a peppermint kick, West Indian Style. Guests will recognize these red-and-white confections as the mints that they know and love. But once they pop one in their mouth, they'll discover the unique Caribbean flavor and quality that is our trademark.
  • After-dinner mints - a colorful after dinner mint with an eye-catching look. These mints 'melt in your mouth' and are perfect for freshening breath after upscale dining. Placed in a fine candy dish, these after-dinner mints have a classy appeal and an inviting mint flavor.
  • Choco mint - an impeccable pairing of two flavors that were meant to be: chocolate and mint. A tasty alternative to those who want to make their after dinner mint memorable. Our choco mints are the definitive candy mint experience, blending breath freshening mint with a delectable and authentic West Indian cocoa taste.
  • Our bestselling POWERMINT - not for the faint of heart! These mints have been called the strongest mints in existence and are so powerful that they've been known to clear head colds. Just one of our specially formulated power mints will keep breath fresh for hours.
  • Sugar Free Mints - ideal for diabetics and dentists, our sugar free mints are crafted with the same care and quality as our regular candy and mints. Those on restricted diets can indulge in a breath freshening after-dinner mint without worrying about raising their blood sugar level or promoting tooth decay. We have honed our sugar free recipes to an art - you'll hardly notice that its sugar free!

Other Diana Candies

In addition to our distinctive mints, we offer a variety of exclusive Caribbean candies:

  • Mr. G - our top-selling ginseng-infused energy snack.
  • Jub Jub in Caribbean fruit flavors.
  • Cough drops made with Real Honey and Real Lime.
  • Nut Krak'r - a nutritious peanut snack.
  • Butternut - a flaky, peanut butter candy bar.

Diana Candy Mints: High Quality, Top Value

Diana Candy is built on a 65 year tradition of excellence. We will provide your home or establishment with the finest of after-dinner mints with prompt order processing and unflagging customer service. Creating the best candies that the Caribbean can offer is our passion - try us and we'll deliver the best.


After-Dinner Mint



Sugar, Glucose, Peppermint Oil, Menthol, Titanium Dioxide, Dextrose
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Sour Sweet


Sugar, Peppermint Oil, Cream Of Tartar, Colouring :Blue #1, Yellow #5, Yellow #6, Red #40

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Choco Mint

Mint Chew (Future Brand)


Sugar, Glucose,  Natural / Artificial Flavourings, Cocoa Powder, Menthol, Titanium Dioxide, Dextrose, Colouring: Blue #1, Yellow #5, Yellow #6, Red #40
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